Shanghai Mdt InfoTech Ltd is a software research and development and sales oriented technology-based companies. The company is located in Zhangjiang hi tech park in Shanghai. The main business market is enterprise and University market. The main business is to provide enterprise information related software and university laboratory construction related software, at the same time we also provide customers with high-quality customized development services.

The company was formally registered in 2013, and now has many software copyrights, which provide high quality software and services for many universities. Our goal is to become a leader and innovator in the university teaching software industry with professional team, leading technology and excellent service. Constantly provide customers with quality teaching software products and good teaching services, while providing staff with good working environment and development platform.

CE hung technology enterprise culture is: ambitious, down-to-earth. Efficient practical work, pioneering innovation.

Policy makers at all times to pragmatic, innovative, professional as their motto. Welcome more ideal, ambitious, steadfast and hard-working talents to join us!

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Tel: 021-3820 3510

Mailbox: cehung@163.com

URL: https://www.gzzjy666.com

Address: Shanghai Pudong Zhoukang Road No. 26, 518

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